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Assembly line automation & SPM

One stop solution which includes Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Commissioning, Try-out, Proving & Productionization at customer location

  • Head lamp & Tail Lamp assembly lines automation
  • Car body (BiW) assembly line automation
  • Engine & Transmission assembly line automation
  • Press SPMs with Hydraulic, Hydro-Pneumatic, Servo with Load Vs Distance & Signature Analysis
  • Tightening stations SPMs with Single Spindle/Multi Spindle Tightening Machines
  • Vision systems for to Check part presence, color, orientation etc.
  • Laser Marking machines for various parts in Automotive & Electronics industry.
  • MIG welding SPMs
  • Spot welding geometry & re-spot jigs & Arc welding, re-weld fixtures
  • Gripper tooling for component pick & place
  • Geo- gripper
  • Trunnions
  • Material Handling Units: Conveyors, Turn Table's, Turn Over Device

Robotics & Automation

  • Robotic Welding Applications
  • Robotic Sealant Dispensing cell
  • Robotic Pick & Place with gripper tooling
  • Robotic laser welding, hardening & cladding
  • Robotic vision system

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