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Material handling is a systematic process of moving raw goods from their respective native site to their point of use in manufacturing, their subsequent handling in the process of production, and transferring finished products from factories to sales outlets. It involves all the intricate functions including movement, transport, storage & protection along with quality control. Automated Material Handling eliminates the complexities of constant monitoring and facilitates the hassle-free flow of manufacturing processes. Following are some pivotal reasons why material handling needs automation;

1. Reduced cost with better quality control

The chief objective of Material Handling is to lower the production cost. A huge share of the production cost is spent on procuring materials, storing them, and monitoring its movements. In-time supply of materials is crucial for the smooth functioning of production and manufacturing process and therefore, Automated Material Handling is given utmost importance as it reduces the risk of delay or production halt. Using sophisticated methods of Automated material handling also conforms with better quality control results. Automated machines detect every minute errors and decrease the need for reworking.

2. Reduced waste of materials

Now that we know that Automated Material Handling helps in reducing production cost, the automated machines also help in minimizing material or production waste. At times when there is a poor storage facility, materials may get wasted while moving or transporting it to places. Material handling includes placing orders of the right quantity using the right material at the right time and also focuses on maintaining proper inventory. Automating the process of material handling takes care of all of these processes and reduces the wastage of materials, thereby increasing the profit margin of an organization.

3. Improved working conditions

Earlier all the movements and storage of materials were done manually and some laborers and workers were responsible to perform these tasks. Frequent on-site accidents were observed due to poor working conditions. With the advancement and inclusion of technology, material handling has become easier and laborers can work carefree without the fear of unstable and unconducive working conditions. Though the Automated Material handling process helps in reducing repetitive work, laborers and employees need to level-up their skills to handle these instruments making an allowance for higher paying job roles.

4. Enhanced Distribution

Delivering the final finished product to the suppliers is known as distribution. If the packaging or storage is poor and done manually, a lot of material might get damaged during transportation. Automated Material handling ensures that the product reaches the suppliers in its best form and condition by creating a precise framework with an efficient flow of production and distribution.



To sum it up, Automated material handling processes are modern and effective systems that cause an integrated flow of goods from the initial source of raw materials to the end-user. Mikro Innotech Pvt Ltd. ensures optimum efficiency of material handling with the best automated solutions that balances the desired speed of every individual shipment according to its size and composition.



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