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An Air Leak Tester is all about pressurizing inside and/or outside sealed work by air and determining the change in pressure. When the master without leak and work with leak are pressurized, the pressure of the work with a leak will reduce producing pressure difference among the work and master. The leak is determined by this gap of pressure. Usually, this disparity pressure type air leak test is used for the checking of the leak. However, Mikro exclusively offers a wide range of products with the use of direct pressure type leak test or a flow meter as per to the leak rate with the addition to variance type leak testers. Additionally, air is used as the source for tests with these testers where the cost of running low with environmental friendliness.

The exclusive Air Leak Testers by Mikro are offered in a variety of diverse formats. The wide range of devices and applications come with the tester is specifically designed for the projected test. The operation modes consist of mass flow, pressure decay, pressure change, differential flow, occlusion testing, volume verification, seal creep testing and more.

Air leak testing is unpolluted, speedy, non-destructive and repeated. The leak test results are non-subjective, that needs no operator analysis and the data is easily transferred to a spreadsheet or another format for examination and Repeatability and Reproducibility studies. Leak detection using air as the test source is the most popular mechanical technique in use and the testers themselves have easy usage.

The following units for industrial, automotive and medical device air leak testing applications are offered exclusively:

Optima vT:

A multipurpose and custom-built leak tester includes maximum two channels and eight sensor inputs that support the pressure decay, mass flow, differential pressure and other general tests.

Innovative Systems (UIS):

Personalized manual, semi-automatic and completely automatic leak testers and fixtures are very beneficial to be used in the industries.


This unit offers thoughtful and precise pressure decay, variance pressure and mass flow leak testers for quality results


This unit offers small foot-print single or multi-channel pressure decay and flow testers to be used in the industries with superb efficiency and effectively.


This is Mikro’s most authoritative and constitutional leak and flow tester that is completely customizable pneumatics, up to ten independent test channels that supports a wide range of input sensors

How beneficial is Air Leak Tester:

The Leak Testers on production lines like for gas equipment and automobiles has been, till now one of the processes that cause the most bottle-neck.

One technique often used in general is to seal air in WORK, immerse it in water, then observantly check for the bubbles arise. The flaws of this technique consist that it is impossible to make sure that none are ignored and unnoticed, a drying process turns essential, and it cannot be further mechanized.

Numerous testing units have been used in the replacement, but there were many unacceptable factors, like with spot sensitivity, running cost, pressure resistance and in management.

The variance pressure type air leak tester is the practical submission of numerous enhancements as the most effective and practical mechanized leak testing unit to substitute these conservative techniques.

With the help of these advantages, the air leak testers are becoming more popular with their specified services and more powerful services to render to larger growing industries. The more influential these Air Leak Testers are, the more commanding the industries are developed to bring innovative devices and gadgets for the nation’s growth & development. Sequentially and successfully, the air leak testers are designed for industry benefits with positive impact on human life through industrial operations.

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