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An Insight into Industry 4.0 – Mikro India

Industry 4.0 implies the fourth industrial revolution that is majorly driven by the advent of technology; especially the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. It is also known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Its applications are in areas like automation, real-time data, machine learning, and interconnectivity.

Industrial 4.0 is witnessing innovations that are improving production as well as operations, efficient supply chains, and better communication within the companies. This has built a more reliable ecosystem for the existing companies as well as start-ups. Companies have been investing in new technologies to amplify the quality and quantity of the products. The significant research and development during Industrial 4.0 are taking place in the field of data exchange and automation.

This revolution will launch smart cities and smart factories that would be capable of carrying out operations with minimal human efforts. Considering the pace of innovations the society will witness great infrastructural as well as socio-economic changes. Technologies like robotics, quantum computing, IoT, artificial intelligence biotechnology, and 3D printing have introduced co-relation between biological, physical, and digital disciplines.

This article will give you valuable insights about ever-evolving technological changes concerned with Industrial 4.0.


Key Pillars of Industry 4.0 

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The concept of IIoT is to collaborate the machines, data and people related to the field of manufacturing to a single interface. This has introduced optimized and easy manufacturing processes.

Artificial Intelligence

This domain is concerned with machine learning and focuses on automizing as many tasks as possible. This is a roadmap towards increasing smart factories and reducing manual work.


With evolving technologies and use of the internet, there are new crime partners and loopholes that invite threats. There should be special department t ascertain that your data is safe over the cloud and the servers.

Big Data & Analytics

This helps the manufactures and decision-makers to access meaningful insights regarding the market, customers, and other factors. This information can drive proper change and improvements in the manufacturing field.


Automation is possible by integrating robotics, AI, and IIoT with the only purpose of eliminating manual errors and increase efficiency. This will open up new horizons for the filled with amplified quality of products.


Artificial intelligence and IoT equipped servers can draw future trends and results so that manufacturers are ready to avoid losses and adjust with the changes.   

The Cloud

Manufacturers never run out of space to store the data because of cloud computing. It is eliminating the use of hard disks as well as the worry of saving large files on the servers.

Changes in the Field of Manufacturing

Benefits of Industrial 4.0 to the Field of Manufacturing


One of the companies providing automated solutions in alignment with the technological revolutions is the Mikro Innotech India Pvt Ltd. Their products make the process of welding and leak testing efficient and quick. They have been providing complex automation systems to multinational customers belonging to various industries like healthcare, automobiles, electrical, etc.


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