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Applications of Special Purpose Machines

Technological advancements have changed the manufacturing industry drastically. The booming trend in the sector is to integrate automation with the manufacturing process. The trend is being adopted not only by big businesses but also SMEs. Plus the Industry 4.0 has also played a big role in combining Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, and the manufacturing method. As the manufacturing evolved manufactures got more inclined towards eliminating manual errors form their process. For this purpose the demands for Special Purpose Machines as it provides personalized features as well as ease.

Special Purpose Machines are tools usually used for cost-effective mass production. This has made Special Purpose machines even more popular in the market. Since the special purpose machines are created for standard manufacturing processes their design and specifications are precise as well as immaculate. These aspects are focused upon in order to achieve high performance and ensure safety. The Special Purpose machines are equipped with like sensors, automatic job clamping, limit switches, logic controls, etc.

The design of Special Purpose Machines is created considering one major aspect i.e. the requirement of the client which includes welding operations, laser testing, injection, tapping, casting, etc. Other important aspects are reducing costs, optimizing product rates as well as space, decreasing overhead, etc. Generally, there are two types of layouts for Special Purpose Machines viz. Single Station and Multi- Station. Single station machines are installed at a fixed position, equipped with sliding components around the workpiece. Whereas, multi-station machines works on numerous parts and process  simultaneously.

Applications of Special Purpose Machines

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

 The OEM includes industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, and many others. These sectors prefer Special Purpose Machines as their processes mainly require tailor-made equipment to manufacture complex parts. This has enabled delivering good quality end products.

Machine Shops

These kinds of companies usually produce small industrial parts outsourced by OEMs. So that OEMs can focus on producing more complex and new products. So, the processes of machine shops and OEMs run parallelly.

Examples of Applications of Special Purpose Machine

Leak Testing Machines

These machines are used to check the leakages of liquids or gases of sealed products or parts. It is one of the crucial steps in the quality and testing procedures of the manufacturing industry.

Tapping Machines

 The tapping machines are utilized to manufacture metal and involve drilling screws or reams or gear arrangement. It saves up a lot of time and labor costs of the manufacturers and helps in timely delivery.

Electrical Testing Machines

The machines assist in the proper installation, maintenance, and operations of electrical systems. These machines are connected with the circuits and measure the voltage difference between two points.

Assembly Station Machines

The machines are used to assemble the various components of automobiles, transportation equipment, electronic devices, home appliances, and many others. It provides high-precision in the process and saves up the time of manufacturing.


One of the reliable companies to provide end-to-end customized designs for Special Purpose Machines is the Mikro Innotech India Pvt Ltd. The company focuses on industrial challenges and offers unique high-performance solutions accordingly.

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Special Purpose Machines are tools usually used for cost-effective mass production. This has made Special Purpose machines even more popular in the market.
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