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Benefits of Automated Material Handling

Automated material handling equipment is a technologically advanced system that helps in stream line transportation and storage of materials. It boosts the efficiency of the working assembly line, updates the supply chain distribution channels and manages warehouse for its best utilization.

This technology can bring new levels of productivity, safety and profitability to the manufacturing companies. These benefits of automated material handling are mentioned below :

Efficient Data access
Various work areas and pieces of material handling equipment worked in isolation within an industry. Automation of these equipment created an integrated systems logistics experts, facilities managers and other industry employees have access to all data at any point of time. This system allows access to communicate with one another within the organization.
When a connected conveyor system in a distribution center can adjust product flow based on surrounding conditions, including maintenance items, it means machines and workers alike can react accordingly. The various parts of a facility are able to use the information to plan ahead the potential changes and delays.

Improved Quality Control
Inspection using an automated machine detects more errors and reduces the chances of waste production and rework. In recent years, machine vision powered by AI has gained a lot of attraction, these automated material handling machines makes the process of manufacturing more precise and better quality products.

Profitable Jobs
Automated machines handling materials is not a potential displacement of human efforts and their jobs. It is actually an added support to the human effort, and companies can opt for selective automation and can avoid losing any employees over adaptation of technology.
The role of an employee is changing with automation, they have to increase their skills for handling these instruments. These improved skillset and knowledge to handle automated equipment will provide them higher paying job roles and end the repetitive work and quality management to more efficient machines.

Flexible and High Volume Production
Automated material handling gives a facility to become far more flexible and better equipped to manufacture different products and make any changes in the process without wasting time in gathering up the workforce. It provides distribution centres and factories to process or move more products in any given period of time. It gives flexibility in operations by giving supply chain and logistics managers have the option to process data from central location and issue command to automated equipment.

Workplace Safety
Organizations that want to upgrade their workplace by improving safety and decrease the time taken for completion of critical task by putting automated trucks and robot arms at this job. This technology benefits from clearly marked operational areas for keeping machines and humans separate and provide better safety to workers. Advancement in sensors and laser-guided technology makes the material handling more efficient and quality controlled. It saves the workers from accidentally getting injured while handling heavy materials.


The above factors stated together prove that automated material handling equipment is beneficial for the industries and it’s the obvious choice for any company to pave their path of collective progress and profitability. Mikro Innotech Pvt Ltd.Understands the importance of technology intervention in material handling and provides the best automated solutions for you manufacturing industry.




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