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Future of Industrial Automation

Automation these days is linked with all the latest technologies including digital twins, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The future of automation lies into providing holistic solutions by further developing with these technologies. This will redefine automation and it’s applications in every industry. This application will change the ways the end-products are created. Nowadays, the cyber-physical models and CAD-model based engineering goes hand in hand with automation. This trend is highly relied upon to boost productivity.

Industrial automation nudges to the use of sensor systems to limit or eliminate human intervention in the processes. The on-going industrial 4.0 has given birth to the vision of fully-automated factories. The introduction of intelligent machinery across the numerous manufacturing plants will ensure to reduce the time limits.

Current Scenario of Automation

A perfect example of automation in today’s era is that the highly precise and repetitive tasks of assembling automotive parts are completely taken care of by robots. However, it is believed that industrial automation concepts are yet to be fully discovered and implemented. The area of automation in the production domain still has a scope of future innovations. The currently used robotic systems still require a significant level of manual assistance. For robots to fully function on their own will need a supremely structured environment. Another challenge is that the robotic systems prove to be relatively inflexible for the small and medium-sized business.

 Moving Towards Interactive Instruments

The manufacturing us currently supported by the trend of tailor-made instruments or machinery. Like, there is a constant demand for testers, welders, assembly lines, special purpose machines and many other machines. The trend of constipation along with innovations in automation will change the picture of the manufacturing industry. Future equipment will be highly approachable and interactive. It is predicted that a network of instrumentation will be enhanced to create a single hub. This will also make the process more accessible and efficient.

Industry 5.0 – Glace at the Future 

The convergence of technologies will open new avenues for the developments in the automaton. After taking a leaping into the fifth revolution, it is certain that automation will provide synergies as well as other resources. To stay in the game company will have to dedicate a budget towards acquiring new technologies. This technological acceleration will be the main push for increased productivity, efficient deliveries, and eased-out processes.

Possible Advantages of Automation 


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