Importance of Leak Testing Machine in Automobile Industry

What is a Leak ?

A hole, crack or porosity in a blow moulded container or polymer hose while forging, casting or tubing is known as leak. A leak is caused by missing or non-aligned seals while assembly of parts or incomplete tightening.

Importance of leak testing in automobile industry

Leak testing is crucial for automobile industry, finding and irradiating leaks is not only important in initial vehicle quality that is measured, reported and marked for consumers by a variety of organizations, but also to overall product lifecycle quality and longevity.
A leak detection test follows throughout the production process, however a final check is required on the final assembly line after the vehicle is assembled together with all the parts in an air-conditioning and fuel systems.
The identification of leaks in fuel and air-conditioning systems is extremely prime for safety and regulatory measures taken before the vehicle goes out from the assembly line. It is extremely regulated to test these systems no matter it is a passenger car, trucks or farm vehicles.

Parts in a vehicle that are leak tested :

Powertrain & Chassis: Fuel System & Battery: Cooling & Safety: Final Assembly:
Engine Block & Head Fuel Tank & Lines Brake Lines & Fluid Reservoir Air Conditioning Systems
Drive Axles Fuel Vapor Management System/Components AC Hoses & Compressors Fuel System
Transmission Tank Filler Cap AC Condensers Powertrain Oil Circuit
Shock Absorber Fuel Pump & Filters Radiators & Heat Exchangers Powertrain Water Circuit
Wheels Injection Systems Air Bag Ignitors & Generators Engine Water Circuits
Electronic controls Lithium Ion) Battery Cooling Circuit E-Battery

The various parts of the vehicle that needs to be tested come with a wide range of leak rate requirements.Due to stricter regulations in regards to emission, fuel components they need to be leak tested with higher sensitivities.

The modern leak testing machines now come with digital components for the ever rising automobile industry. The demand for these companies to innovate and reinforce their competency and achieve higher results have become important.

Key benefits from leak testing machines

– Upgradation of their portfolio and services

– Recognise the important avenues for establishment of connection between users and sellers.

– Time-bound work for efficient manufacturing and final assembly.

– Usage of digital platform provides insights into each result of the test run.


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