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Industrial material handling solution

Material Handling is the process of moving goods and materials in short distances within a building, factory, facility, or warehouse. It includes a wide range of different types of materials, ranging from tiny boxes to large and heavy components for required for manufacturing/Assembly of parts. There are majorly three varieties of material handling equipments:

  1. Manual
  2. Semi-Automatic
  3. Automatic

Following Are the Material Handling units, we can customise as per customer requirements:


It plays vital role in assembly of the component. We can provide various type of pallets to suit the component needed for assembly. E.g: Horizontal Pallet, Vertical Pallet, Goose Neck Pallet etc. It Takes Care of Component Guiding, Resting, Location etc during the course of assembly.Design of the pallet depends on the component design and its application in the assembly.


Conveyor Systems

Roller Conveyor                                 Belt Conveyor                                    Slat Conveyor

                                                 Bevel Gear Driven Conveyor

Depending on the application, component size, shape, weight, we can design and manufacture all the above various types of conveyors for facilitating manufacturing and assembly of the parts. We can cater this to various sectors like Auto/Aerospace/FMCG industries. In the above said type, we can provide manual/semi-automatic & automatic type of conveyors to suit the assembly requirements.


Turn Table, Turn Over Device &Tilter’s

Turn Table / Turn Over Device / Rotary Actuators and Tilter is being provided for all component to change the component orientation, component flow direction / by pass the Not OK component from the main line etc. We can provide both pneumatically operated / motorised TOD based on customer requirements. Singling arrangement, pokayoke for ensuring right orientation of the component is provided.

Pneumatic pick and place unit

Pneumatic pick and place systems are relatively inexpensive, providing a large work envelope, and can be configured to produce different combinations of linear and rotary motion. It relies on cylinders that take the energy of compressed air to create mechanical movement in either a linear or rotary direction.This enables the actuator to move parts in an arc motion, instead of moving the object up and across in separate movements.

Vibratory Bowl With Chute

Customised Vibratory Bowl with chutes are provided for child part feeding. We can ensure singling arrangement by ensuring component is fed to the assembly in right orientation.

Docking Units

Trolleys with docking arrangement shall be provided for the engine / transmission testing. Automatic Axis Position System is provided for maintaining the centre axis

Air Balancer                       Swing Arm Manipulator                Electrical Hoist

Air Balancers / Swing Arm Manipulators provide very precise weight lifting capabilities, with more accurate positioning.Instead of electricity, the air balancer uses pneumatic control technology, making it safer to operate and more economical to maintain. These are  used for assembly lines where precision load positioning is required.

An assembly line or a supply chain in an industry requires material handling at various steps during the manufacturing / Assembly / storage process. The above-mentioned systems make the assembly quicker, more precise with less room for human error and mainly reduces fatigue of the operator. Also, it contributes in a big way to enhance the production of parts.Mikro Innotech Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the most reliable, efficient & durable assembly line systems for leading industries in various sectors like Automotive, Pharma, FMCG & Aerospace Sectors. Connect with us for a customised development for your industrial material handling needs.







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