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Laser Marking In Jewellery Industry

Laser Marking in Jewellery Industry

Jewelry industry has already replaced the traditional marking methods like mechanical, pad printing, chemical marking, and stamping with the technologically advanced laser marking method. Laser Marking on jewelry is able to mark on a great range of shapes and materials with great precision and speed.
If appropriately powered the laser is able to cut through the thin metals to make the necklaces bearing a monogram or symbol, simultaneously to practice different cuttings for intricate designs.

A group of different materials is used to manufacture the jewelry, majorly precious metals and alloys. In the past, the vital reason to perform gold markings on the expensive items was to make them personalized or highlight it with a meaningful inscription. Nowadays, different jewelry pieces involving the fashion jewelry sector have emerged extremely important. Laser technology precious metals as well as other metals can get engraved.

Following is the list of suitable materials for the laser processing:
• Precious metals like silver, gold, etc
• Alloys
• Glass, like spectacles

The example of applications for laser-engraved jewelry
Laser marking machine can easily personalize the jewelry pieces like:
• Necklaces
• Bracelets
• Watches
• Rings
• Different precious materials like gold
• Silver
• Brass
• Titanium
• Spectacles
• Spectacle frame glasses

Why should one have a laser for a laser engraving and laser marking of jewelry?

Laser engraving is used as an alternative fancy method to make designs. May it be making a classical style gold piece, engraved rings, add a unique inscription to a watch, design a necklace or personalizing a bracelet by engraving it, the laser provides you an opportunity to work on innumerable shapes and materials. The laser can help us do functional markings, patterns, textures, personalization also the engraving of the photo. A laser is a creative tool in this decorated industry.
The laser marking on jewelry offers better readability and precise engravings, with this the process makes the operation quick and eliminates the danger of piece damage. These features make the marking small on the delicate items such as rings, necklaces, and structures that are hollow.

Let us see some advantages of Laser marking in jewelry:

Marking and engraving of logos, writing of different alphanumerics, barcodes, numbers, designs, data matrixes. The laser can be used to perform both most simple to most complicated procedures. One can even apply photos in the shortest possible time.

Since the laser marking is permanent and is resistant to both wear and conduct to acids or heat it assures the product traceability.

High Definition
It is capable of creating tiny, detailed geometric shapes with the great precision. You are free to merge the marketing processes to clean the material post-processing or to provide a greater contrast to the marking.

It is a fast process that offers unparalleled quality, it permits you to create different types of marketings in the minimum timeframes without having to reset the machine.

Seamless Markings
On a lot of metals, we can make seamless markings. The tone is accomplished not by removing but through localized heating of metal.

It does not include any cost for the consumables like inks, pastes, or sprays and its disposal is not expensive. We do not need any prior or subsequent treatment. The equipment is resistant to wear and tear problems.

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