Laser Marking

Laser Marking in Medical Devices

Laser marking in Medical Devices

Laser marking is used in a broad way for processing the medical devices. The incorporated integrated vision systems present in the laser markings has emerged as an effective source to provide an identity to the medical components. For instance, lasers are used for marking UDI complaint codes.
The process of marking the medical devices can prove a challenging one for the manufacturers. The task of identification is growing demand all around the medical industry and the regulations are getting strict.
The innovation in the laser technology has become the more convenient solution practiced to mark the medical devices since it helps the manufacturers of the medical device to tackle and overcome the marking challenges.

Laser Marking offers:
• Reliability in the process, efficiency in the production:
It offers precise marking for the repeatable process, reproducible results, flexible products for the short processes.
• Zero Defect Marking and high-quality processing
Reduction of waste, marking of the assured information on the correct position at the correct mark.
The zero-defect laser marking, significantly, plays a crucial role in manufacturing the medical devices, since the demand of the food and drug administration is that every medical device must have 2D code in order to make it traceable. The only way to meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, along with reducing the production costs, keeping the waste minimum and improving the quality of the product, is none other than laser marking system with the software HELP.
HELP not just offer the marking of the products but it offers the features like pre-mark verification before marking and also the post-mark verification right after the procedure. The manufactures of the medical devices must take notice that during the procedure of post-marking verification, the content of 1 dimensional and 2-dimensional code must be readable. It is extremely necessary with compliance for the Unique Device Identifier given by FDA.
Let us take a glance at the benefits of HELP:
• Improves the product quality
• Production at the highest level of flexibility
• Reduction in cost with hiked yield and minimum scrap
• Smooth and continuous traceability
• Process reliability increases the economy of the production process with the procedure recurrence.
Marking systems and identification solutions manufacturers go through a number of challenges and set of huge requirements. And with complete evaluation, the team builds up a reliable solution for the marking of the medical device. These built solutions not just ensure the precise marking of the medical products but also improvise the flow, efficiency, and reliability of the procedure.
Applications of the laser marking for the medical industry are
 Equipment used in the operating room such as the surgical tools, cannulas, catheters, tubes, and wires.

The form of content, information, and codes used for marking are:
 Alphanumeric content like date, serial number, and codes
 Complex 1D and 2D codes such as Data matrix codes and barcodes.
 Logo of company or trademark
 International fonts

The marked information on the devices must be
 High-contrast
 Permanent and traceable
 Legible and readable
 Sterilization resistant
 Hygienic and smooth

Need of marking for the medical products
 For product identification (ID of the manufacturer, ID of the product, device ID)
 Traceability (easy recall of the product, for patient safety)
 For compliance with regulatory and industry, which is Unique Device Identification Marking
 Product Liability
 Product Safety (protection of trademark, prevention of product piracy)
 Quality Assurance
If you wish to know more about the laser marking, contact Mikro Innotech and explore every in and out of the process. We are always available to answer your queries.

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