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Laser Markings On Foils And Films

Laser markings on foils and films

Previously, screen printing was the option to make the markings on the various applications but lately laser marking on foils has completely replaced the previous method. This new method is especially being practiced in the production of pieces used in the applications called ‘day and night’. In fact, by using the laser we can have a control over the quantity of the material removed and therefore also the depth of the laser marking. This also enables us to efficiently define the size of the engraved lines and define the corners in a better way. As a result of this, we get the increased appearance and most of all a visible hike in the productivity.

The laser systems provide elite in the industry engraving solutions for a wide array of materials including textiles, acrylic, and woods. Every single design is laser cut to the perfection by using a graphics software programme such as CAD, Illustrator, Corel Draw that helps to create clear results and edges.

Now let us see how does the laser engraving on foils and paints works
The laser is capable of removing and carbonizing an extremely thin paint layer of a wide variety of different materials like foils or films. When the engraving is done with the laser marking machine, a small amount of the material is extracted from the surface of the foil or film. The laser beam penetrates the surface enough and eliminates a part of it that creates a depression in the area. This takes place by partially removing the coating layers from the foil or the film that have a markedly different color.

The process of laser cutting on foils and fils comes with a lot of advantages since the laser allows the precise cutting in the record times of event the tiniest material. It also leaves the edges clean and clear. The foil or film does not feel any kind of pressure from the laser cutting method. This is the fastest cutting system compared to plotter and blade and the complete procedure is contactless. Laser cutting is mostly preferred when you need to work on the multilayer films. You can also use it to cut a number of layers such as support films, adhesive films, and cover films in one single step. For the illuminated plastic covered electronics ‘Day and Night’ laser marking applications are used. This process is widely practiced in the automotive industry for example for the car switches and buttons and also consumer electronics. The lasers particularly eliminate the needed layers until the expected color is desired.

All these advantages make laser marking most preferred technology. Since the laser, cuttings seal the cuts the edges providing absolutely controlled fusing of the foils and films. The laser marking makes your life easy by generating high-quality marks on the range of materials.
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