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Laser Micrometer

Laser Micrometer

A Laser micrometer is a kind of tool that is used for inspection or calibration that stereotypically stays on a workbench and calculates length whose accuracy and precision is measured in microinches or submicron. The most widely used laser micrometer is the Labmaster Universal Model 175. This model can measure any manufactured precision part such as gauge, pins, plugs, rings and all types of threads including API, NTP, Dryseal and many more. Laser micrometer is specifically made for scanning purpose. The scanning laser micrometer uses a rotating optical element to reflect or refract a laser beam through a measurement area and across the path of an object to measure. The output of the photocell is analyzed by electronics to detect the precise time at which the laser crosses each part edge.

The working principle of Laser micrometer is “A transmitting unit emits a laser beam that scans at a very high and known speed across the measuring range.” Every object placed in the measuring field interrupts the laser beam and builds its shadow on the receiver. The part placed outside of the diameter can be calculated exactly by accurately measuring the shadow time.

If you wish for very high accuracy diameter and ovality measurements the best option would be Xactum Dual Axis Lazer Micrometer. The micrometer, popularly known as XLS (eXactum Lazer Scan Mikrometer) series Gauges represents the advanced development in technology in the Laser scanning Micrometry which also features record performance. With their strong built-in including powerful electronics, you can completely rely on the XLS micrometer. It can also serve as stand-alone, Intelligent diameter Sensors. These micrometers can be directly connected to the PC, PLC or NC through a standard Ethernet. Any electronic unit that is equipped with such an interface can easily get maximum accuracy and quick readings of diameter.

Laser Micrometers have a lot of advantages. The micrometers provide very accurate measurements. In fact, a micrometer is considered as one of the most reliable sources of measuring. The thing that supports it to achieve such an accuracy is Rachet Speeder. The mechanism of rachet speeder or is also known as ratchet stop, makes sure that the pressure applied is uniform to the thimble so that the measurements are reliable and repeatable. Integrated Scales is another one of many advantages. Since the sleeve scale and thimble, the scale is built into that tool, there remains no need for another measuring device such as a ruler or a tape. Anvil micrometer is another one of them. Micrometers that measures large objects can be very expensive, in this case, anvil micrometers are cost-effective options for all those who wish to take a large range of measurements.These micrometers provides interchangeable anvils of a variety of a different length so that single frame can be used for multiple dimensions. Durability is the strongest advantage of the laser micrometers, they are durable due to their baked enamel frame and tungsten cartridge tipped measuring faces. These are longlasting and unlike to need any repairing or replacing.

With advantages come disadvantages too. So here are some disadvantages of micrometers. The first disadvantage is that they come in limited range. Most of the micrometers have a measuring range of only 25mm(metric) and 1”(imperial). With the increase in the size of a micrometer, its price can also rise accordingly. Due to their sizes, micrometers that are used to take the larger measurements can be very expensive compared to the smaller ones. Different meanings need different micrometers and this is one of the biggest drawbacks of them. Unlike the dial and vernier calipers which can take a number of different measurements, micrometers are capable of performing a single measuring task. Take for an instance, if we want to measure the diameter of a hole in a piece of woods this would need both inside micrometer and outside micrometer.

Hope we have given you a proper insight about Laser Micrometer.

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