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leak and flow tester

All about Multi-Functional Leak Tester:

A multi-functional leak tester is a powerful product used to test the leakage in heavy machinery. The modern equipment is today proficient to test the pressure decay, vacuum decay, burst pressure, flow of mass, valve crack pressure and other types of air tests. Hence, the multi-functional tester is a good amount of flexibility and simplicity and is extremely powerful to handle all kinds of leaks to cater today’s quality assurance requirements. Furthermore, they can occasionally be used as leak simulators to verify if the testing apparatus can identify and eliminates a leak with a given property in 3cm/min or 3cm/h on the tested instruments.

All about Multi-Functional Flow Tester:

Multi-functional flow tester is extremely exceptional from its quality of being user-friendly along with highly sophisticated testing capabilities. This tester can be customized to cater different equipment of various industries. For a better introduction, the tool can count on quality, dependability and customer service supported by trusted name by companies. The much-proved technology has ingeniously raised the standard in the world of testing. Its customized design consists many of the similar features that have made the Sprint-LC the standard around in the market, but it is even more flexible and easier. This also offers great versatility for testing multiple techniques like flow, leak, burst, and occlusion in one mechanism.

The functionality of Multi-Functional Leak and Flow Testers:

Mikro Innotech India has been tailor different types of customized equipment to numerous industries for over many years and has been a leader in the domain of leak testing for a most of leak and flow testing instruments. Our standardized leak masters offer the ability to check the performance of specified leak tester or flow meter and are must-have machinery for your leak identification equipment and the metrology department. The Multifunctional Leak and Flow Testers have certified performances in their executions. The devices are traceable to NIST qualified devices with sufficient leak or flow range along with pressure up to 1000 psi. They work with better perfection helping businesses to grow with the best satisfaction to their beloved clients.

They have the finest calibration to reach every target with meticulousness. Leak prices can be altered if compulsory by substituting the laser drilled outlet plate. One can select from stainless steel or brass quick-connectors fixtures, in small size or standard size. The tools offered by Mikro Innotech India offer alternative connectors to cater customer particular requirements. They are manufactured to customer quantified leak or flow rate and pressure.

Mikro Innotech India also provides leak masters, printers, quick connectors, cables and other accessories and full calibration along with repair services.

Mikro Innotech India has made a pioneer of mechanical leak detection instruments for medical devices, the locomotive or automotive, pharmaceutical and medical packaging segments and others. With deep knowledge and experience, they are leading in these specialized domains. Therefore, for better efficiencies from the machinery, the multifunctional leak and flow testers should have quality maintenance. Only then the productivity will rise to higher points of reaching heights in the market with quality. The assessments of the products are made with superior methods and techniques, to help maintain quality and fame.

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