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Multi Gauging Solutions for Camshaft

multigauging solution

A camshaft is commonly used in the engine of a car and determines when and how the engine valves open. The camshaft is a rod with cams mounted on its length that work to change circular motion into side-to-side or up-down motion. There are different types of camshafts such as Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC), Double Over Head Camshaft (DOHC) and Pushrods. The shape of the cams is critical to the lifting of the valve. So, it is necessary for the cams to have precise dimensions for which multi-gauging is used.

Multi-gauging is the measuring of a number of features of one particular part concurrently. You can find a number of multi-gauging solutions in the market in the form of multi-gauging systems. The systems are used to measure a number of dimensions of the test part simultaneously. The multi-gauge systems can measure both internal and external features such as diameters, lengths, squareness, ovality, straightness and run-out of faces, among many other features.

The multi-gauging systems used in the measurement of camshafts use a comparative test for the testing of the camshafts. The test shaft is compared with a master shaft, which is made with the precise required dimensions. The system measures the dimensional differences between the two and displays the results in an Analog or Digital format.

The cams on a camshaft can be made in various shapes and the most commonly used shapes are round, egg-shaped, snail, elliptical and hexagonal. Different companies use different cam shapes on their camshafts and it is not possible to test them on the same machine. To solve this problem, the measuring head gauge fixture is either specifically designed to suit the shape and size of the component or it is built using a number of modular elements that complement the test shaft.

In order to choose the appropriate system, various aspects have to be considered. These features are critical for accurate results and the precise measurement of the camshaft’s dimensions.  These factors include:

The readings can be displayed using different methods like dial meters, digital displays or graphs. Digital displays are used in systems where accuracy is important and work in drawing dimensions is necessary. The dial meters are ideal for rapid run-out checks and in systems where concentricity is needed. The graphical displays are usually used in systems that display results in the form of statistical data. Differential electronic methods are used to relate the various dimensions to a common datum.

Depending on the application and the user, you can get fully automated, semi-automated or manual multi-gauge solutions for the testing of your camshafts. These systems are highly accurate and efficient and some of the systems also support computer-based processing. Companies like Mikro Innotech specialize in custom-made multi-gauge solutions that are accurate and affordable. These systems are made by experts with design excellence, better quality control and the latest technology.

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