Special Purpose Machine

Special Purpose Machine for Automobile Industry


Special Purpose Machines are those that are unavailable on the shelf. These machines need to be tailored as per the need of the customer since they are not present in the standard manufacturing programs. These machines are also commonly known as Bespoke machines. In the production method, there is always a need and scope to improve the quality of the product and also focus on the other factors like to minimize the rejection and increase the productivity of each person in order to cater the pressing circumstances in this globalized world economy.

The only answer to this requirement is Special Purpose Machines that efficiently gives high productivity. This sector can become fully fledged by performing a full-scale automation of the industrial process that is possible wherever. The utilization of the Special Purpose Machines along with the automation has minimized the possibility of errors, has also reduced the human fatigue in carrying out the repetitive operations over and over again. This also ensures the quality and interchangeability of the parts by carrying out the same designed processes every time without any shortcuts. The Special Purpose Machines and Automated machines are intentionally designed to operate continuously for 24 hours a day with the least supervision. These machines are usually product specific and need to be designed and developed differently for each specific requirement. Sometimes it is even possible to cater the jobs having same features but differ in dimension by applying the concept of change tooling.

These SPM’s are either CAM operated or use hydraulics or Pneumatic as an actuating element or amalgamation of all three of them. Many times they use a dedicated programmable logic controller in conjunction with positional sensors and transducers, to command those actuating elements. Sometimes different special motors like stepper motors and servo motors are used as an actuating element. After all these efforts the productivity achieved is really high. The productivity range increases by 3 to 10 times. However, to completely achieve the impact of all these efforts the only precondition is that the input to the automatic machine must have strict quality control.

Let us take a look at some of the special purpose machines in the automobile industry.

1. Rotary Pneumatic Cylinder
It is a special purpose cylinder with a rotary connection and linear movement used for Collet Clamping. It comes in various models as per the force requirements. It did not have any kind of stroke during the swing period. It is a mechanical attachment type made of aluminum.
2. Special Purpose Hydraulic Press
The Special Purpose Hydraulic Press can be made as per the requirements. Plate heating option is also available.

3. Cage Stacker
The machine is intended for mechanized and oriented stacking for the cages and used in the bearing machine. The machine stacks diversify into four separate rods that form four stacks of opposite orientations. Excess cages are returned to the vibratory blow via a covered chute.
We hope you got the basic information about the Special Purpose Machine in Automobile Industry.

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