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Torque Test System

Torque Test Equipment

A torque testing system is specifically the range of capacity id from utilized as a device for the quality control test or to calibrate the torque controlled tools. This comprises of electronic torque wrenches, click torque wrenches, and dial torque wrenches, electric screwdrivers, pulse tools and many more.
The Torque Testing involves measuring the amount of torque that is being applied to an object. There are many common applications of torque testing out of which the most common is in fastening and in products with rotating parts like motors, engines or transformation.
Let us see some of the Torque Testing System
 P-C Controlled Torque Test System
The top range Vertex-i torque testing system delivers the best optimum testing performance along with the evaluation options that enable you to get the most from your test measurements.
 It is monitored and controlled via advanced software
 Create a sophisticated test program
 Performs deep evaluation of results
 Ideal for quality control laboratory
 The range of capacity is from 0.3 N.m to 10 N.m

• Touch Screen Torque Testing System

The touchscreen torque testing system boosts the speed and efficiency of the testing on the production floor.

 The user-friendly screen interface with easy test selection
 The evaluation of the program and store is done on a single system
 Uni-button launch test makes it easy to use
 It is a stand-alone system and requires no PC
 The range of capabilities lie between 0.3 N.m to 10 N.m

• Precision Torque test system
This test system provides the ideal solution for measuring the torque that is between low and medium torque variations on the number of intricate and well-engineered products. It’s susceptibility and precise alignment makes it perfect for testing the high-quality assemblies that are found in the cosmetics, jewelry, pharmaceutical and medical industries also the finely-engineered parts that need the precision alignment during the test.
 Monitored by powerful Emperor software
 Completely balanced to remove or apply the axial compressive or tensile force
 Measuring range is from a few mN.m up to 6 N.m
It is also available as a touchscreen model with the completely same feature but at the convenience of a self-contained unit.
• Motorised Torque System
It is completely a cost-effective solution for the straight-forward torque tests.
 Clear display of torque with the speed and angle
 The precision controls are simple
 Run to break or to a torque
 Rugged design suitable for factory floor
 Measuring capacities range from 1.5 N.m to 10 N.m

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