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Why Mikro is one of the best leak testing machine manufacturer?

Mikro was established in 2008 with the motive entering the market with best automation solutions with customized features to Indian and International markets. We provide leak testing solutions to major brands all over the globe to test their products with precision and negligible error.

We have range of leak testing products that work on all the basic principles of testing for all major industrial sectors. Here is a detailed glimpse of our leak testing products:

1. Multi-function Leak & Flow Tester: Qualitek

– It has a digital I/O with a standard of 5 outputs and 11 inputs and an optional 8 outputs and 16 inputs.

– The communication modes are Rs232, USB, Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Device Net.

– The pressure ranges up to 225psig/15bar differential upto 500psig/35 bar gauge. – It can run up to 100 test programs and has a flow range of up to 20L per minute with 1 test channel.

2. Configurable Leak and flow tester: Optima vT

– It has a touch-sensitive 15” diagonal color LCD panel; A/D Inputs has 1-8 24 bit resolution, 16 24 VDC digital inputs expandable to 32, 12 High current digital outputs expandable to 24.

– The communication modes are Profibus, Modbus, Device Net, Ethernet IP, RS-232. Email alerts in following languages:  English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and German.

– It can run up to 199 test programs with single or dual configurations for test channels.

Power Supply of 24 VDC (Optional Auto-switching 110 to 220 AC Power with single calibration point.

3. Advanced leak and flow tester: Vector

– Most advanced leak testing unit in terms of performance speed, flexibility and durability.

– Runs in Windows environment making it extremely powerful. Configuration Protocol: Ethernet / TCP/ IP, Profibus, Modbus, Interbus, Rs-232, Parallel interface.

– Various modes of tests attained by this product pressure decay, differential pressure decay, pressure increase, mass flow etc.

– Thetest pressure ranges up to 5000 psi, flow range: 0.01 CCM to 1000 SLPM.

– Number of channels configurable up to 10 totally independent with no restriction of programs.

4. Multi-Function leak and Flow Tester: Sprint

– A pressure range of up to 500 psi, with a flow range of up to 20 L per minute.

– Test Channels available are 1,2,3 or 4 (Sequential or concurrent)and a combination of up to 5 testing techniques per tester.

– Sprint can runs a 100 test programs.

We have a team of highly trained and learned professionals with in-depth knowledge of design and implementation experiences to meet the complex automation systems needs of multinational customers in industries. We deliver custom solutions and provide consulting grounded in reality.

Our processesclearly provide us the competitive edge in the field of testing solutions.

– Systematic process for engaging the customer right from business development stage till the entire life cycle of the project.

– Project Management system for On- Time Delivery of Machines.

– Dedicated customer service team for after sales service support in terms of AMC, Spare Management, production ramp up support etc.

– Experience in understanding Global standards, Standardization & Maintaining Uniformity across the working methods.

– Reliability, quality, flexibility and innovative machine design.


Mikro provides leak testing to the industries like, Automotive, Medical devices, Industrial Products and FMCG industries. With the most advanced and multi-function testers that provide the best leak testing at an economical price and achieve faster results, Mikro is the best leak testing manufacturer in this cutting-edge market.

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