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Why special Purpose machines are crucial for manufacturing industry

What are Special Purpose Machines?
A Special Purpose Machine is specifically designed to function a specific task which cannot be performed by the conventional machine. The machine is conceptualised with a system design understanding the customers requirement.
The system design, electrical control design work along with it and seamlessly integrate together with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems to create the special purpose machine which is not available in the market and tailor made as per the process.

Major changes in manufacturing strategy are occurring as companies attempt to remain competitive in an increasingly global market. Every type of industrial production is based on production processes. To survive in a demanding market, and still be successful, it is necessary to achieve the high level of the product quality. High product quality can only results from the high quality of manufacturing process & gives more profit.

The advantages of using Special Purpose Machines are:

Increase in productivity
SPMs or Special Purpose Machines offer immense scope for high volume production at low investment and at low cost of production when compared to conventional machines.

High Accuracy
A  good thing that makes it popular about these machines are cutting and welding of high quality at the lowest possible cost. The accuracy is beyond comparison, since they are based on scientific algorithms with mathematical formulas.

Increase in production rate and tool life.
SPM with specially designed tooling and fixture is used for mass production of the same component. A sensible combination of limit switches, sensors, logic controls, automatic job clamping etc. are the elements of a SPM.

Reduced human error.
The advantage of using SPM is to minimize possibility of human error and also reduces human fatigue during repetitive operations again and again.

Automated SPMs.
Automated production techniques are widely used in manufacturing industries for dealing with issues such as high cost of labour, Shortage of skilled people, Low interest of labour to work in production firms, safety, improve quality and high cost of raw materials.

Effective in mass production.
Since the machine is designed as per the specification of the manufacturing process, hence they can provide mass produce of the products.


Mikro Innotech Pvt. Ltd. established in 2008, strives to provide best solutions to the manufacturing industries with its automated special purpose machines to give efficient and seamless production with effective costs.


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