Camshaft Measurement
Camshaft Measurement

Camshaft Measurement

  • Complete lobe measurement, graphical display and analysis of lift, velocity, acceleration, jerk(3rd derivative) radius of curvature, pressure angle
  • Lobe data corrected to zero base circle runout
  • Angular position listings for all lobe tip angles
  • Compare measured data and design lift data profiles in graphic and numeric modes
  • Screen graphic displays for all motion curves
  • Printed reports of screen graphics and tabular data
  • Compare base circle redius, runout and lobe tip angles to design data showing tolerance limits
  • Inch or metric data input and output
  • EZCAM programs run under Windows
  • Computer controlled camshaft rotation on motorized versions
  • HeidenhainTM sensors and data collection hardware
  • Only one size measuring probe needed, regardless of engine follower size
  • User defined set up included for other languages