Laser Welding
Laser Welding

Laser Welding

  • BS-Optics has developed a laser welding technology that can solve miniature welding applications that were heretofore impossible. The design incorporates the highest quality components with the state of the art, Noone Software package. The technology has been refined and perfected over the last seven years.
  • BS-Optics was the first to introduce a laser welding system that could actually display the piece being welded during the application process. The on screen picture image of the working field is up to 300 megapixels which translates into ultra-precise positioning possibilities. This was a major breakthrough in the industry and cemented BS-Optics reputation as a market innovator and leader in laser micro welding.

  • Battery welding
  • Miniature bearing welding
  • Pressure sensor welding
  • Spiral on virole welding of mechanical watches
  • Watch face appliques welding
  • Miniature watch wheel welding