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Started in the year 2006, Mikro was known as "Mikro Technic" - a trading house selling standard products like Leak Testers, Eddy Current Testers, Measuring Station etc. Our incredible journey since then has witnessed revolutionary milestones. Mikro is putting its best foot forward in reimagining the Industrial Automation future. With state-of-art technologies & innovative solutions, we aim to reinforce competitive advantages & achieve greater summits year after year!

Mikro has now diversified supplying Indian and Global industries with SPM, Assembly Line Automation in Car body, Engine & Transmission for automotive domain. Mikro is providing complete Robotic Automation solution for industrial needs. Feather on cap in Mikro's incredible journey is providing complete solution for Laser applications in Automotive, Pharma, Medical equipment industry.

With next step forward, Mikro joined in Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. On 26th Jan 2021, Mikro became First Private Sector Company In India to offer " State of Art Technology on the Republic day event through Mikro Technology Center (MTC). It is equipped with Robotics Laser technology for performing Laser Welding/Cladding/Brazing/Cleaning/ Hardening / Marking etc. It is enabling platform for the industry to try their requirements with minimum cost for development for pilots and proto typing.

As one stop solution in automation, Mikro in collaboration with Yaskawa 6 Axis Robot can provide Laser Welding, Spot Welding, Sealant Dispensing, Material Handling solutions. Further in collaboration with SCARA Delta Robot, Mikro provide smart factory solution by Industry 4.0 approach. The SCARA robots shall be used in fast moving application like 3-4 Second Cycle time and 4 Mtr/sec speed for Sealant Dispensing, Pick and Place, Screwing, Machine Tending ,Inspection used for different segments of industry like Automotive, Electronics, Pharma and FMCG.

Mikro is delivering value added product & services to customers which includes OEMs', TIER-1 and TIER-2 companies. Our vision entails worldwide expansion with innovation backed by a team of experts making a mark on the Industrial automation.

Mikro has put the best steps forward to make India आत्मनिर्भर in our chosen field of expertise. We are excited to serve the industry with our newest offering. With our quality, diversified products and with the support of good, talented team, Mikro is Looking forward to expand its business world-wide and be a part in our customer's success!!

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